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    ICT Physics and Chemistry Modules in UG and PG level

The National Mission of Education through Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has been envisaged as a centrally sponsored scheme of Government of India Ministry of Human Resource and Development, to leverage the potential of ICT, in providing high quality personalized and interactive knowledge Modules over the internet for all the learners in Higher Education Institution in any time anywhere mode.

This Mission has two major components viz, (a) Content generation and (b) Connectivity along with provision for access devices for institutions and learners. It seeks to bridge the digital divide i.e. gap in the skills to use computing devices for the purpose of teaching and learning among urban and rural teachers/learners in higher education domain.

It plans to form an appropriate pedagogy for e-learning, providing facility of performing experiments through virtual laboratories, online testing and certification, online teachers to guide and mentor learners, utilization of available Education Satellite (Edu Sat) and Direct to Home(DTH) platforms, training and empowerment of teachers, the new method of teaching learning etc.

Under this ICT project here at IIT Kanpur, we are executing a pilot project for MHRD (sakshat). This project aims at developing teaching and tutorial aids for post-graduate courses in Chemistry and UG/PG level courses in Physics. The aim of this project is to develop a web-site that will cover all topics in University level Physics and Chemistry courses. We aim at providing a convenient flow chart map with easy navigation. In the initial phase(phase-I) a wikepedia /hyperphysics type web pages creation that are free for all to download will be made on select topics. Through this effort the goal is to set up a minimum set of benchmarks for teaching in a specific topic.

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